Vancouver’s Hornby Cycle Track: Updates from Gordon Price

Gordon Price, former Vancouver City Councillor, posts regular updates on his blog Price Tags about various Vancouver issues. I have been following his posts on the cycling upgrades in Vancouver. He has done a series of updates on the new Hornby Cycle Track. Here are a couple highlights:

Hornby Bike Lane

Hornby Cycle Track Update – 3

Oh, lots of sturm und drang in Vancouver, where apparently things are so fine that one of the only things to argue about is a bike lane. So we do.

Things had actually quietened down since the New Year, until an op-ed appeared in the Vancouver Sun by developer and Dunsmuir-Street hotel owner Rob MacDonald: “Downtown bike routes are a disaster”.

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Dunsmuir Bike Lane: Cyclists Waiting at Red Light

Hornby Cycle Track Update – 8

After a certain point, no amount of argument will convince some people that the separated routes make sense. (“No one uses them! I never see a cyclist.”)


Hornby Bike Lane

Hornby Cycle Track Update – 11

But if you look a little more deeply you’ll find that parking spaces are much more readily available, not less, since the bike lanes came in. A whole host of factors – the new Canada Line, the generally positive experience using transit that commuters were pushed into during the Olympics and the egregious new combination of parking taxes that adds more than a third to the cost – have conspired to reduce demand for downtown parking.

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Hornby Bike Lane

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